Since its inception in 2005, Simply Legal has helped hundreds of individuals and businesses by making it affordable for people to help themselves with simple and easy to use legal products and services.

Simply Legal has proven itself to be an ideal, cost-effective and safe legal alternative – with no big fees.
Not all legal needs require the personal, hands on involvement of a lawyer.  Lawyers are expensive and not everyone can afford them, and unfortunately many people must choose to go without.

Others are finding that, with the right self-help resource, legal kit or online legal service, they can get what they need by doing-it-themselves, and save a lot of money in the process.

The biggest challenge to doing-it-yourself is making sure you understand what you need and then knowing where to go to get it.  And with so many legal products and online service providers in the marketplace, knowing which one to choose can feel like an impossible undertaking.

That’s how Simply Legal can help.

Simply Legal is a trusted alternative.  We have helped hundreds of people who have benefited from our lawyer prepared and easy to use legal kits – at affordable prices.  And with our free online legal resources, including articles, legal tips and online seminars, you can learn more about what you need so you can make sure it’s what you get.  That is what we want.  That is why Simply Legal was started and will continue to be how we measure success in all that we do for people like you.  It’s the Simply Legal difference!

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