This Kit has the information and documents you’ll need to get incorporated properly without paying legal fees. This Kit is prepared by lawyers to make it easy and affordable for you to help yourself. Guaranteed!

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Don’t risk making costly mistakes. Use this Kit to help ensure you get incorporated properly.

This Kit includes all of the documents you’ll need including the mandatory resolutions and registers and customized share certificates in full colour! You’ll learn about the incorporation process and the proper way to set up your corporation with directors, officers and shareholders. You’ll also get to choose from two types of share structures: a simple one class share structure and a multi six class share structure. You can choose whichever structure is best for your incorporation!

Here’s the Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Corporations Generally
  • Overview of Incorporation Process
  • Information You’ll Need to Know
  • Incorporation Steps & Documents
  • Other Requirements to Consider
  • Incorporation Checklist
  • Incorporation Worksheet
  • Case Study Summaries for Sample Documents
  • Sample Documents (Case Studies)
  • Template Documents

This Kit contains over 30 pages of valuable information plus sample documents and template documents which are provided in Word and pdf formats. The sample documents show how the template documents should be completed.