Incorporation Services

Name Approval Requests BC Federal
Fee $ 59.00 $ 59.00
Applicable taxes $  7.08 $  7.08
Total $ 66.08 $ 66.08


Incorporation Service BC Federal
Our incorporation fee $ 249.00 $ 249.00
Customer support incl. incl.
Preparation of incorporation documents incl. incl.
Filing of incorporation form incl. incl.
Mandatory post-incorporation documents incl. incl.
— directors’ organizational resolutions incl. incl.
— first shareholders’ resolutions incl. incl.
— share certificates incl. incl.
— directors/officers register incl. incl.
— shareholders register incl. incl.
— articles/bylaws incl. incl.
Government incorporation fee $351.50 $200.00
Total incorporation fee (excl. taxes) $600.50 $449.00
Applicable taxes $ 29.88 $ 29.88
Total incorporation fee (incl. taxes) $630.46 $478.88
British Columbia Registration Fee Included *See Below

*Additional Fee for Federal Corporations

Important: If you incorporate federally you must also register your corporation in British Columbia before doing business there. This is called an extraprovincial registration, which is not the same as an incorporation. The government’s fee for registering a federal corporation in British Columbia is $351.50. This additional registration fee makes an incorporation of a federal corporation that will do business in British Columbia more expensive than an incorporation of a British Columbia corporation. Something to consider when deciding whether to incorporate provincially or federally.

If you use our online service to incorporate a federal corporation we will send you information on extra-provincial registrations.

Payment Options

  1. Credit Card: We accept Visa and Mastercard. To pay for our services with a credit card you must enter your credit card information online when submitting your order. 128 bit SSL encrypted technology is used for all credit card payments. We will start your order after your credit card payment has been approved.

If you have any questions regarding our payment options you may contact us for additional information.